Strategic Planning

One team, many dreams. One integrated NMHS

Our Strategic Plan 2020-2025 image

Following considerable staff, stakeholder, community, executive and Board engagement, we are delighted to present Our Strategic Plan 2020-2025 (PDF).

Our Strategic Plan has been developed to drive us towards our new Vision of A trusted partner, delivering excellent health care for our people and our communities; and our new Mission which is to Promote and improve the health of our people and our communities.

It was important that our people and community informed the plan, and they have. Earlier this year, staff, stakeholders, community representatives, Area Executive Group and NMHS Board Members wholeheartedly participated in a series of workshops held over a period of months.

The end result is a Strategic Plan that will not only drive us towards our new Vision and Mission, but one that will guide an integrated NMHS in our journey towards innovation and excellence.

Over the next five years (until end-2025) we are focussing on six strategic priorities:

  1. Enabling healthy Communities - we will build healthy and engaged communities
  2. People-centred care - we will place our consumers’ and their carers’ best interests and experience at the core of all we do
  3. Integration and connection - we will build strong connections and partnerships
  4. Innovation and adaptive models of care - we will use research, innovation and technology to improve outcomes
  5. Trusted, engaged and capable people - we will invest in our people and our culture
  6. Sustainable and reliable - we will reduce harm, waste and unwarranted variation

Be part of this new and exciting era for NMHS – an era of innovation, organisational development and improved community health outcomes.

Last Updated: 24/03/2021